Intern - New York

The position would entail:
Assisting the intelligence, strategic, and creative teams in various projects.
Working on various facets of social media strategies and campaigns for some of the greatest fashion clients in the world.
Coordinating between departments and operating units in resolving day-to-day Intelligence action items.
Preparing business correspondence (often using word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation computer software).
Performing multifaceted general office support.

Your core competencies should include:
 Ability to work without supervision
 Quick learner and hard worker
 Good communicator
 Quality organizational and time management skills
 Comfortable with useful software
 Time and information prioritization skills
 Foreign language skills are a plus
 Knowledge of social media landscape

You’ll be working with a stellar group of people who like to get stuff done while having a good time together. Seriously. That sounds like a cool opportunity, right? (Of course it is. That was a rhetorical question.)

If interested, send us your resume and we’ll be more than accommodating.

General Manager - New York

The position will entail:
•Lead and inspire our world-class digital agency team in New York
•Build and manage a sales team
•Develop relationships and generate sales to existing and new clients
•Define and implement strategies to package and strengthen our services offering
•Define and set up strategic vendor and agency partnerships
•Analyze and report on sales to optimize agency profit and growth
•Work with Director of Finance and CEO to develop sales budgets and forecasts
•Manage New York team operations
•Ultimate responsibility for the following areas:
- New business - both new and existing clients
- Team leadership and problem solving
- Staffing and recruitment
- Industry spokesperson
- Insights and key account management
- Client relationships
- US KPIs and reporting to CEO and board of Whispr

•Experience managing global digital marketing teams
•Strong experience in sales development and management
•Bachelor’s degree in economics, business or related field; MBA preferred but not required
•7+ years of digital industry experience (team leadership, strategic digital marketing, operations, sales generation, reporting, service packaging, pricing)
•Proven results creating and implementing strategies that drive sales growth, optimize pricing, and accurately and holistically report on sales performance
•Start-up experience and experience in a fast changing environment
•Strong analytical skills
•Excellent verbal, and written communication and presentation skills, with a knack for presenting complex data in a simple and easy-to-understand manner
•Exceptional ability to multitask and prioritize
•Thrive on working in a constantly-changing but always-exciting environment, and a passion for both technology and services

A heavy addiction to internet and social media, and strong industry knowledge is a plus. Please send your resume, portfolio, and/or work samples together with a brief description of how/why you want to help us become the best data-driven digital agency in the world to:
The analysis and insights that Whispr Group provides has changed the way that we work with social media, digital communications, track campaigns and measure ROI.


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Most companies use a monitoring tool. The problem is that one or two tools alone doesn't provide the brand with a complete view of what's going on. Especially if the brand isn't accustomed to interpreting the data and turning the insights into actionable strategies.

Monitoring can quickly become expensive, especially for international brands. Different softwares have different strengths and a complete global monitoring setup that's agile and stable requires a great deal of both management and analytical resources.

Since we collaborate with several of the leading softwares, both free and paid, we offer a range of monitoring and analytical services allowing us to deliver reports based on what your brand wants to know, instead of what certain tools can provide.

Our Intelligence Team will tailor a unique solution for your brand to give you a state of the art monitoring setup, pairing this setup with some of the best social media minds around to transform insights into actionable strategies.

What we can help you with:

  • Digital Audits
    Example: Digital Audits for e-commerce enhancements, store openings, new markets, influencer mappings etc.
  • Online Monitoring
    Example: Online Monitoring for customer service, lead detection, crisis prevention, social mentions, competitor analytics etc.
  • Campaign Tracking
    Example: Campaign Tracking for conversation volumes, total PR values, conversion rates, platform distribution, audience segmentation etc.
  • Trend Intelligence
    Example: Trend Intelligence to track, validate and predict how online trends correlate to sales data, in-house metrics, KPIs etc.

Whispr Group provided strategic guidance to improve the way we engage with our consumers allowing us to build deeper, longer-lasting relationships in our digital communities.


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How many Facebook Page updates should our brands post each day? Where and when should we be active in social media? How can we establish measurable KPIs and how do we reach these targets in the digital space? And should we be producing online content at all?

At Whispr Group, we believe in science. To be successful on Facebook, we need to take into account how Facebook's EdgeRank works. In crisis communications online, preparations and a deep understanding of how SEO works is crucial. We simply don't like guesswork.

Based on facts and real data, our Strategy Team helps brands to decide what's important, what's doable and what's effective. We have great patience and respect for existing internal processes and hierarchies. In fact, we see it as our mission to get everyone in the organization excited about our efforts.

Our Strategy Team will help your brand become a leader in the digital space within your industry— at an international level. We will support you all the way from insight to implementation, taking responsibility for the entire value chain in this process.

What we can help you with:

  • Engagement Strategies
    Example: Social Media Strategies, Channel-Specific Strategies, Engagement Concepts, Traffic/SEO Strategies, E-Commerce Strategies etc.
  • Organizational Guidelines
    Example: Local/Global Market Guidelines, Terms of Service, Terms of Conditions, Policy Documents, Codes of Conducts etc.
  • Digital Planning
    Example: Media Planning, Incentive Mapping, Campaign Planning, Organizational Staffing, Channel Distribution etc.
  • Whispr Academy
    Example: Workshops, Trainings, Webinars, Whitepapers, Research etc.
The Whispr Group team created a unique and innovative campaign for us. They are an efficient and reliable team who truly deliver great results.


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We think digital is the most fantastic medium ever invented by man. It can carry vast amounts of information as well as convey a short yet extremely powerful idea. Digital allows for not only the transmission of information and ideas, but relationships and emotions.

And the best part is that we are free to create almost whatever we want to online. This insight is a central part of our creative DNA at Whispr Group. If we want to create highly engaging videos, we do. If we want to create web dashboards for internal use, we do. If we want to create apps, tabs or micro sites, well, we do.

It all depends on what the brand wants to achieve. Our Creative Team will provide you with what you need to facilitate online spread and project your message. We are there to explain how important design is for encouraging interaction, and how important responsive design is to allow browsing from any platform, including mobile.

We also help you design, build and create visual content for the digital space. If there are any types of coding that we can't do ourselves, we have a vast network of professionals to help us get where we need to be. Today, communication is done as much through lines of code as any other type of language.

  • Interaction Design
    Example: Wireframe Designs, Mockup Designs, Social Network Layouts, Website Designs, App Designs, Widget Designs, Dashboard Layouts etc.
  • Web Development
    Example: Web Sites, Web Services, Social Widgets, E-Commerce Platforms, Blog Platforms, Social Intranets etc.
  • App Development
    Example: Facebook Apps, iOS Apps, Android Apps, Web Apps etc.
  • Content Distribution
    Example: Newsletter Platforms, Press Release Platforms, MailChimp/AWeber Integrations, Social Newsrooms etc.
Since Whispr Group has started managing our social communities, we've experienced an increase in not only engagement but also traffic to our website and sales on our e-commerce platform.


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Activating the online audience has tremendous effects. When friends start to share content with their friends, we often see what's been called “the viral effect.” At Whispr Group, we don't care much for viral effects. We see it as a much better business model to succeed in getting the community involved each and every time we do a campaign.

As a result of engaging a targeted online community each and every time– simply by being relevant, timely and valuable to them– the online spread initiates incredibly powerful effects on sales and growth. By being human and applying a qualitative approach to marketing, we can reach the many by whispering to the few.

Our Engagement Team will help your brand get in touch with the right influencers. They will also help you become more relevant, timely and valuable to your fans online on a long-term basis: utilizing everything from tonality to social media copy and posting to your channels.

From time to time, the online spread supersedes any predetermined goals, and we see a “viral effect.” This is not a strike of luck; rather, it’s a bi-product of constantly helping our brands to benefit their community, over and over again.

  • Influencer Collaborations
    Example: Blogger Outreach, Corporate Collaborations, Invite Logistics, VIP Management, Online Publicity etc.
  • Campaign Activations
    Example: Contest Moderations, Giveaway Management, Reply Management, Creative Ramp-Ups, Sharing Activities etc.
  • Community Management
    Example: Social Network Management, Content Calendars, Content Publishing, Social Media Copy etc.
  • Whispr Academy
    Example: Workshops, Trainings, Webinars, Support etc.
Whispr night out at the Jets Game! #bigdata #dreamteam #nfl #jets #marketing #advertising @whisprgroupEnjoying a Whispr Team Lunch in sun with the beautiful view! #whispr #shakeshack #intelligence #summer #dumbo #newyork #life @johnstuder @minnieabdon @mrmurphy7735% of Metropolitans tell at least one lie at day. How often do you lie?

Read more about it here!! 
#MetRep3 #metropolitan #metro #funfact #urban #life #WhisprgroupThe Metropolitan Report is a global project that aims to understand the mindset and lifestyle of Metropolitans: People in the ages 18-39 years, working or studying in cities all over the world. 
To understand the people shaping our future, we needed to push the boundaries. This resulted in a huge data analysis where we listened and analyzed 325 million online conversation to understand these city dweller’s lifestyles, feelings, beliefs and attitudes.

Read all about the Metropolitan Report here!! #MetRep3 #metropolitan #metro #funfact #urban #life #WhisprgroupAre you a digital lover living in New York? We're now looking for Intelligence Interns. Send your resume to #WhisprGroup team members staring longingly at the closed #LArteDelGelato cart in DUMBO. Guess summer really is almost over. #sadfaceSay hello to our newest team member! He definitely has the face of an awesome digital strategist, don't you think? Congratulations to the proud parents @joakimleijon and @olivolja! #WhisprBaby #WhisprGroupWe'd like to introduce the newest #WhisprPuppy, @ASAPtheDog! Say hi! #puppyIt may be raining in New York but we're having fun on the rooftop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! #gettingculturedThe #Stockholm team was sad to see Linda go yesterday, but the #NewYork team is happy to have her back in the office today! #LindaSwapWe're #redecorating at Whispr Stockholm! What do you think of our changes so far?Happy 4th of July Instagram friends! #4thofjuly #fireworks #fourthofjulyThrowback to last summer! Whisprer @lindaharleman relaxing at the beautiful #maidstoneinn in East Hampton. #tbt #summerHappy Midsummer to all you Swedes out there!The perfect day to explore Brooklyn. #HappyFridayFred Armisen, self-proclaimed 'best performer of this generation and the 1920's' at #IWNYWe're on a boat! Whispr NYC is celebrating Angela today on the Hudson River.Happy Hour for the Whispr New York team! @jgiantonio @carlancher @freddy_dr @angelalala @mrmurphy77 @cronja @johnstuder @kacielovescheeseApparently our newest team member Ducky has been working too hard.A few of our Stockholm Whisprers enjoying the beautiful weather at the end of an awesome week!
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We are now looking for new Interns for our office in Stockholm! Are you a quick learner, hard worker and have a passion for digital and social media? Please send your resume to and we’ll be more than accommodating.

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Please contact Whispr Group if you lost your password.

325 000 000 conversations

The Metropolitan Report is a global project that aims to understand the mindset and lifestyle of Metropolitans: People in the ages 18-39 years, working or studying in cities all over the world.

To understand the people shaping our future, we needed to push the boundaries. This resulted in a huge data analysis where we listened and analyzed 325 million online conversation to understand these city dweller’s lifestyles, feelings, beliefs and attitudes.

Read all about the Metropolitan Report here  
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We are Whispr Group

We are a digital agency born into social. Our 20+ digital consultants perform wonders from our offices in New York and Stockholm. We also have Intelligence Analysts strategically stationed in key markets across the globe. With our help, strong brands can reach their goals by analyzing, understanding, growing and activating their online communities.

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We love data

For us, big data is more than just large numbers. Crunching data is how we understand the inner workings of the social graph, allowing us to build robust and measurable strategies for online spread—without the guesswork.

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Our Process

The Intelligence-centric Whispr Group process is optimized to re-organize digital content around people to facilitate conversation-based marketing and activate social media ambassadors.

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Job openings

Come join our family for a high-paced job in a constantly evolving industry. We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals. That could be you.

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Our Infographics

Whispr Group's seasoned Intelligence team has mastered the massive data mining process necessary to go beyond face level social media metrics, digging deeper to reveal optimal brand strategies and opportunities. In combination with the innovative Whispr Group Creative team, this wealth of mined data is transformed into succinct points of navigable brand stats via a visually entertaining infographic.

View Grammys Infographic on Venture Beat  
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View Fashion Week Infographic on Harper's Bazaar

As featured in

Whispr Group has been featured in some of the industry's leading media outlets such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Mashable, Venture Beat and Racked among others.

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We are a digital agency born into social. Utilizing our data-driven process, our digital consultants help brands listen, create and engage from our offices in New York and Stockholm. Get in touch and we'll tell you more.

Stockholm | Europe Office
New York City | USA Office
Spain - Intel Hub
France - Intel Hub
UK - Intel Hub
Germany - Intel Hub
Russia - Intel Hub
Canada - Intel Hub
Japan - Intel Hub


Whatever the challenge, we have the toolbox
to act as your full-service digital partner.



Our Intelligence analysts use multiple industry-leading softwares to find, map and measure consumer behavior in the digital landscape. This helps brands optimize their digital communications, service offering or product development. Our Intelligence reports are always comprehensive and actionable, assembled by the best analysts in the industry.


Our respect for social media and e-commerce drives us to create strategies based on facts. We map sharing incentives, niche influencers and key channels to build digital strategies that work. Our experience working with large international brands has taught us when to push for innovation and when to make the most of existing structures.


We create what needs to be created. It can range from mobile-driven campaign platforms to behavior based email send-out systems for e-commerce. It can be online video, social networking ad formats or offline events boosting online sharing. We speak several languages at Whispr Group, including several dialects of code.


We strongly believe in organic online spread, but we never take the social graph for granted. We work closely with many industry leading influencers and know how to approach them to develop successful collaborations with their favorite brands. We also have an efficient process for managing our clients' social media channels.

“In today's age, it is more effective to whisper to a select few than to scream to the masses.”

- Joakim Leijon, CEO and Founder

the whispr process

re-organize digital content around people

Digital marketing in a social world requires agility. We believe that all digital projects must be tweaked and adapted throughout their entire lifecycle, based on how the community reacts over time. Our data-driven approach is therefore at the center of everything we do.

Our strategists creates actionable plans based on Intelligence insights on how to make the most of every marketing opportunity.
Our creatives and producers use Intelligence tracking to constantly tweak and enhance both content and activation platforms.
Our Intelligence analysts use industry-leading software to find, map, measure and track consumer behavior in the digital landscape.
Our engagement specialists target online influencers and audiences based on Intelligence research to maximize online spread.

Some of our clients

We also work with Estée Lauder, Eton, Visit Sweden, Joy Cioci among others

The whispr group team

We are a team of talented and passionate digital professionals from different corners of the world. Our combined backgrounds and experiences allow us to move brands from good to great in social media.

Career Opportunities at Whispr Group

Intern - New York

We frequently recruit general interns for 3-6 month periods throughout the year, offering exposure to many different tasks and projects. Please contact us if you are interested and we'll let you know when an intern position becomes available. Applicants should be located in New York and available to interview in person.

General Manager - New York

The General Manager will lead our New York team with a strong focus on sales growth and development.
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and we’ll let you know how we can help.

45 MAIN STREET, Suite 1036
Brooklyn, New York 112 01

Located in the middle of DUMBO, the Mecca of digital on the East Coast. If not by car, cab or subway, you can also take the ferry from pier 11.

Tel. +1 212 924 3979

111 48 Stockholm

Located right on the water in the heart of Stockholm near several historical sites, the astounding archipelago is just a short boat-ride away.

Tel. +46 8 551 166 48